When I don't have any jokes of my own, I help translate other people's into English. Gaki No Tsukai is a Japanese comedy variety show that has run since 1989. Hosted by the most popular comedy double act in Japan: Downtown (Matsumoto Hitoshi and Hamada Masatoshi). Other members of the show include the duo Cocorico and another guy.

The show often appears to be earnest light entertainment until cracks appear of nonsense, antagonism, awkwardness & violence. 30 years of weekly episodes and annual specials has built up a wide ranging body of work, from the banal to the unexplainable. It both defines Japanese comedy and transcends it as it goes off into places no other comedy programme in the world ever has.

Check out The Silent Library for a comprehensive collection of subbed episodes and clips from the show.

Itao's Guerilla Shichihenge

A casual programme planning meeting is gatecrashed by fellow comedian Itao Itsuji, who has decided to impose a new comedy show format on them against their will.

Check out the excellent ShionNoTsukai for more details and other great subs.

Old! Old! Hamada Trial Final (Part 2 is PENDING COMPLETION)

The trial examining the increasingly deluded and senile behaviour of the supposed tsukkomi host Hamada Masatoshi.

Part 1 (from Tofu Panda Subs)

Part 2 (pending translation)

I've polished an existing subtitle file, just needs quite a bit of translating, follow on r/GakiNoTsukai for any updates